Extended Network 9: Speech Bubbles

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✎ Anonymous: can you do more jasmine villegas please

all updated xo <3

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✎ Anonymous: Khloe Kardashian

all lovely and updated love xo <3

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princessbrynxoxo: when you have more time bae can you make more kendall jenner xo bryn

i updated dear xo

✎ Anonymous: its ok!! tysm, if you ever have the time please make more of her!

I can’t believe that I was like so slow about that, of course I will. She is gorgeous, by all means. I love her. I will make her own tab now love <3 Thank you so so much for understanding!!

✎ Anonymous: your default on classysources rp.me isnt ariana but thanks i guess

Oh my god…wow I am so slow. I am so sorry, please forgive me. It is a girl name Kenz. I believe I put her under the girls tab. <3 I am so sorry, I really am. :|


there is a link for you. <3